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Media Localisation, Audio-Visual Accessibility, Workflow Management, Project & Team Management, from A to Z

SubtitleNEXT is professional software for Accessible Audio, Captions for Video and Live Events, Described Video for Broadcast Media, and comes with a full range of modules and applications needed to cover all Timed Text related scenarios from creation to distribution for multimedia industries.

Its advanced capabilities can be controlled by Project Management Systems, including subtitle video materials organised in Media Assets Management systems. You can also use SubtitleNEXT to work with live online content on online video distribution platforms such as YouTube and Facebook or wherever real time subtitling is required. It can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency, and to simplify the processes throughout the entire work cycle

NEXT-TT is a software platform for managing timed-text, dubbing and localization services of any type of content, or managing teams of translators, audiovisual professionals, and creative freelancers, providing an ultra-secure and super-fast private workspace, tools, and workflows for ensuring quality.

NEXT-TT is a powerful binary solution binding together enterprise trends with common user’s convenience.

Profuz LAPIS is an enterprise class business processes and information management system. Its purpose is to bring under one roof all processes and data with which an organization operates.

Profuz LAPIS provides a central way and environment through which to control Management, Structure, Usage, Storage, and Security of various Data and Processes, and maintain Relationships with data and processes that come from and remain in different systems.