Profuz Digital is a boutique software development company with headquarters in Toronto, Canada

We are a truly global company with a global mindset. We create powerful software solutions for organizing workflows and contents. Our portfolio includes Profuz LAPIS, SubtitleNEXT, and NEXT-TT.


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PROFUZ = Professionally Fuse Your Systems Together

Profuz Digital products fulfill your organization’s needs for translation, subtitling, all timed-text services, data processing, media processing, content management, business & process automation, device control, and systems integration. We provide solutions to companies from industries, such as production and post-production, entertainment, digital marketing, outsourcing, health, education, broadcasting, and manufacturing.

We are curious. We are ambitious. And we excel where others fail.

Profuz LAPIS is an enterprise class business processes and information management system. Its purpose is to bring under one roof all processes and data with which an organization operates.

Profuz LAPIS provides a central way and environment through which to control Management, Structure, Usage, Storage, and Security of various Data and Processes, and maintain Relationships with data and processes that come from and remain in different systems.

SubtitleNEXT is professional software for Accessible Audio, Captions for Video and Live Events, Described Video for Broadcast Media, and comes with a full range of modules and applications needed to cover all Timed Text related scenarios from creation to distribution for multimedia industries.

Its advanced capabilities can be controlled by Project Management Systems, including subtitle video materials organised in Media Assets Management systems. You can also use SubtitleNEXT to work with live online content on online video distribution platforms such as YouTube and Facebook or wherever real time subtitling is required. It can dramatically improve the speed and efficiency, and to simplify the processes throughout the entire work cycle

NEXT-TT is a software platform for managing timed-text, dubbing and localization services of any type of content, or managing teams of translators, audiovisual professionals, and creative freelancers, providing an ultra-secure and super-fast private workspace, tools, and workflows for ensuring quality.

NEXT-TT is a powerful binary solution binding together enterprise trends with common user’s convenience.

Connect the Dots in Your Business

In today’s fast-changing business environment, broadcast, media and entertainment companies need to be extremely flexible and efficient throughout the whole cycle of creation, management, and distribution of content. LAPIS is the software hub which connects CONTENTS, EQUIPMENT, NEWS, PROJECTS, TASKS, RESOURCES, PURCHASES, SALES, PROGRAM SCHEDULING and provides a central way of searching, collaborating, reporting, managing, and tracking of all the information and processes in a single environment.

High Flexibility and Seamless Infrastructure Improvement

Unlike other technology producers who aim to tie up their clients with single vendor dependencies, we offer the freedom to dynamically benefit from a variety of industry-specific technologies while retaining the advantages of using a single system. Seamlessly connect any system to LAPIS without loss of information, process interruptions or staff resistance.

High-end Capabilities and Scalability

The unique design of the system allows us to easily configure the system to meet the specific needs of your business and to connect with every dot (people, data, processes) within and outside the organization. The architecture of LAPIS allows us to significantly reduce critical resources such as time, qualifications and maintenance throughout the whole life-cycle of the system which leads to many benefits such as fast deployment, friendly configuration, “zero” learning curve, and quick adaptation.

Use Cases

Production Management

Efficiently coordinate the various moving parts of your projects to save time and money. LAPIS helps you connect everyone and everything involved to reduce errors and increase productivity. Manage equipment (vehicles, video, audio, lights, costumes, props), crews, castings, tasks, shooting locations, production/shooting schedule, and automate workflow.

Media/Digital Asset Management

Organize your content with LAPIS – ingest, store, archive, review, approve, edit, and share your content. Post production is one of the most complex areas of the business. Keep your business up to date with industry trends. LAPIS was built to be easily and seamlessly connected to external tools to answer any custom need.

Playout Providers

Playout and uplink are critical and require well connected 24/7 support. Many prefer to outsource that part of the business in order to optimize costs, guarantee performance and focus on their core business. Playout service providers can greatly benefit from the ability of LAPIS to easily connect to different systems. Manage content of all your clients through a single interface.


Multiplatform Content Delivery Management
Manage the entire process from content creation to publishing on social media platforms or media and playlist automations, and enjoy reduced time to market. Streamline multi-channel publishing and benefit from features like scheduling, assembling, approval, versioning and more. Storyboards with videos, audios, images, texts, news, and other types of data. Storyboard export to various publishing and editing tools for video, audio, image, and others – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, AirBox NEO, LightWorks, Photoshop, YouTube, etc.

Content Management
Automate, manage, organize, search, share your digital content in an intelligent way without the unnecessary transfer of large files. Video, audio, images, subtitles are supported. Automatic and/or manual ingest via upload, transfer (FTP/S, HTTP/S, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS, NFS, S3, etc.), or hot/watch folders direct access. Download content, transformations/transcoding and partial extracts based on user rights. Simple video editing, cut, markers (with image extraction), video chunks (virtual parts) creation, merging, partial extraction/transcoding. Digital assets with or without available digital content. Metadata extraction/import – embedded or external (supplementary files, other databases, etc.). Multiple standards and formats such as EXIF, XMP, IPTC, XML, ID3, BWF, Dublin Core, etc. are supported. Automatic Proxy creation in formats appropriate for preview in the browsers – h264/h265 for video, PNG/JPEG/WEBP for images, MP3 for audio, PDF for documents, WebVTT for subtitles.

Workflow Management
Design, build, and run flexible business and automation processes. Both industry-specific built-in automated workflows and user-definable workflows. Use internal and external operations or monitoring and statistics to trigger actions. Simple properties driven and complex BPMN workflows are supported. Creation of multiple transcoding profiles and automatic transcoding processes.

Content Storing
Multiple storages can be connected and used at the same time for direct access or archiving (store and retrieve). Transfer between different storages and locations using varieties of protocols – FTP/S, HTTP/S, SFTP, WebDav, SMB/CIFS, NFS, S3, etc.

Digital Rights Management
Stop money leaks – protect your content, encrypt your files and manage who’s viewing, downloading or copying your content. Encrypting and watermarking of all types of content (video, audio, images, documents) using internal engines or integrating third party ones. More then one engine can be connected and used, based on configured criteria.

Document Management
Secure document storage, online multi-user editing and custom document workflows are just a few of the advantages. Multiple formats such as doc,docx,pdf,xls,xlsx,txt,odt, etc. are supported.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
Facilitates the management of all resources – human and physical assets such as cars, equipment, facilities, staff, subcontractors, operators, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Define, organize and track interactions with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. Sales and financial processes organization and management from deals, through quotes and orders up to invoicing.

Project and Task Management
From simple tasks to complex project management. Multiple tasks types creation, projects and sub-projects,  Calendar, Gantt and Charts overviews.

Intelligent Search Mechanism
Parallel search in all connected internal and external systems with unique real-time result updates and live collaboration for search sessions. Structured search, free form search, alternative faceted search are available. Search queries and filtering with free text search.

Business Intelligence, Statistics and Reporting.
Make informed decisions. Turn data into insights. Identify new opportunities and implement effective strategies.

Live Collaboration and Real time communication tools.
Every element in the System can be edited, reviewed, discussed, approved, shared or otherwise managed collaboratively through the Live Collaboration feature. Private and group chats, comments, email access. Use built-in and external communication channels.

Taxonomic and faceted categorizations with multiple levels, sharing, and multi-inheritance. Unlimited properties and types of property data. Additionally applied categorization structures: tags, keywords, structured and thesaurus keywords, categories, folders and folder-like structures, etc. with possibility to classify single asset in multiple nodes of the same type (for example in more then one folder without copying the content)

News Feed Management
Never miss a beat, stay up-to-date with the content you need and reduce noise. With the intelligent search mechanism, you can connect multiple RSS feeds or other online sources, create custom searches and get real-time result updates. Parallel search in all connected systems – your private business content or web services.

Users and groups management and access rights
Multiple authentication and authorization systems (internal, LDAP, etc.). Multiple external accounts per user are possible. Object based access rights down to individual properties. Unlimited Users/Data (limited only by available hardware resources). Activity stream & Notifications.

Web access

Desktop and mobile. Browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

Inter-object links

Categorization and structuring between objects of different types (for example, projects containing tasks and assets; tasks containing different types of assets; folder with master video content, video markers and chunks; etc.).


Virtualized, public/private cloud or physical. Linux or Windows based servers.

Profuz Digital Partner Network

Whether you are focused on marketing, selling, technical, training, consultancy or outsourcing activities, we offer benefits to help you succeed. Develop, implement and sell products and services based on Profuz LAPIS.

Partnerships are critical component of Profuz Digital’s routes-to-market strategy and we highly value them. As we are not selling directly to clients, each prospect is referred to choose a partner according to region and needs. Revenue streams vary according to the type of partnership.

Value Added Resellers (VAR)

This type of partnership is for Software distributors, IT consulting firms or any other business solution providers with IT practices. We encourage partners to derive revenue from both the sale of Profuz LAPIS products as well as Profuz LAPIS-related professional services:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Custom programming and functions extension
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Training
  • Support

OEM Partnership

As a OEM Partner, you’ll be able to integrate your solutions with our technology. Through the OEM program software (or hardware) vendors can tightly integrate Profuz LAPIS into their own products or services and sell combined solutions.

  • Feature-rich solutions
  • Out-of-the-box offerings
  • Reduced complexity
  • Security


If your unique abilities are Sales, Marketing or Consulting, then you should focus on what you are good at! Let us take care of the technical aspect. We can connect you with one of our VAR/OEM Partners or support you directly to build a fruitful long-term relationship.

  • New business opportunities
  • Wide portfolio of high-end products and services
  • No initial costs
  • Revenue share
  • Training and Support

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