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Global Business Processes and Information

Management System

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The advanced captioning subtitling toolset

High-end Capabilities at a Fraction of the Cost of Other Products

The unique design of our software allows us to easily configure the systems to meet the specific needs of every business and connect people, data and processes within and outside the organization. Our systems significantly reduce critical resources such as time, qualifications and maintenance throughout the whole life-cycle which leads to many benefits.

Fast deployment

Friendly configuration

“Zero” learning curve

Quick adaptation


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project and Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Content Management
  • News feeds Management
  • Live Collaboration
  • Intelligent Search
  • Workflow Management

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  • Fit for integration in collaborative systems
  • All types of media support
  • Single file for multipurpose text services use
  • Customizable UI to best suit individual preferences or specific task
  • Multi document
  • Unique multi title editing
  • Complete subtitling process
  • OS Independent
  • Customer driven development

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User friendly and flexible technological solutions increasing productivity, effectiveness and quality


About Profuz Digital

Profuz Digital is a software-based business concepts generation, validation and implementation company with Headquarters in Toronto, Canada and an R&D Center in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are dedicated to developing software solutions that satisfy the need of organizing workflows and contents of small businesses and large enterprises from a variety of industries, including production and post-production, entertainment, digital marketing, outsourcing, health, education, broadcasting, industrial, and more.

Our team is experienced in data processing, media processing, content management, business and process automation, device control, and systems integration. For over 20 years we have been using a lean approach to successfully implement and introduce products that rival the industry leaders’.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce powerful solutions suitable for the general public by offering affordable, simple and easy to use solutions.


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