Profuz Digital confirms TPN assessment for SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT localisation platforms

For immediate release – 14 February 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria – Specialist systems integration developer Profuz Digital continues to meet high industry standards by attaining TPN assessment. As members of TPN, Profuz Digital completed the self-assessment process for both the company as a whole and its localisation subtitling platforms SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT. This proactive step demonstrates that Profuz Digital continues to prioritise customer content security in a dynamic industry.

CEO of Profuz Digital Ivanka Vassileva states, “We care about our customers and take security extremely seriously, especially when working in the creative and dynamic digital environment that we all enjoy working in. Although TPN participation is voluntary, we have always valued content security, and so we are pleased to confirm the completion of our TPN self-assessment process for our localisation platforms – SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT.”

SubtitleNEXT was designed to create real-time and prepared subtitling and captioning across all media formats. NEXT-TT is a powerful hybrid localisation platform formed by the integration of SubtitleNEXT with media asset management system Profuz LAPIS, giving operators the best of both worlds in order to work on the desktop and in the Cloud.

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is owned by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), and is a global initiative that helps create a culture that understands that security is a critical part of the supply chain and is everybody’s responsibility.

TPN plays a vital role in helping service providers prevent breaches of their customers’ TV shows and cinema productions prior to release dates. TPN helps raise security awareness and capabilities to reduce the number of security assessments that vendors have to go through for each film studio. This allows for studios to effectively use a trusted “one-stop shop” for security information.

Service providers are supported by TPN as a centralised source of content security preparedness with a means for securely providing self-reported, and third-party validated, security information with content owners, in order that they may make their own independent, risk-based decision with regard to vendor sourcing.

TPN is accelerating how service providers and software application companies of all sizes report their security status, both from a self-reporting and a third-party assessment basis. This approach helps to reduce duplication for security status reporting and tracking of cloud-based, software application workflows and on-site content security measures.

If existing and future customers are interested in reinforcing content security and if they are already TPN members themselves, they will automatically have access to Profuz Digital’s TPN security status.

“It is vital to be part of a growing digital industry community that is dedicated to raising security standards and we see this as a positive move. TPN updates MPA Best Practices to stay current with evolving industry trends and technology evolution which is a tremendous benefit to our customers.” Ivanka Vassileva concludes.

Organisations already adopting Profuz Digital’s technology include the likes of the Council of Europe, Canal Plus France and Myanmar, London’s Wilco Media, Euro Media Group Belgium, Tarjama in the UAE, Polsat, Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian National Radio, IT Pros Italy, Digitalmeister GmbH, Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH, University of Warsaw, Ghent and KU Leuven University in Belgium and others.

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