Profuz Digital is a boutique software development company with our Research & Development department based in Bulgaria’s beautiful capital city Sofia.

We have formed long-standing alliances with world-leading international partners and distributors, including our system integration company PBT EU.

We create powerful software solutions that are custom-built, cost-effective and timesaving.

Profuz Digital’s product line includes Profuz LAPIS, SubtitleNEXT, and NEXT-TT solutions.

Our systems help streamline workflows and centralize content and processes.

Our products are purposefully designed to help organizations of all sizes work at their most efficient, to free up time to be even more creative.

Profuz Digital’s solutions support business process automation, data management, localization, media accessibility, audiovisual content and news management, device control, systems integration and much more.

A wide variety of industries use our solutions, ranging from Broadcasting, Media and Entertainment, Production and Post-Production, Localization, IT, Digital Marketing, Outsourcing, Education, Government, Manufacturing and Commerce.

Committed. Ambitious. Excelling where others fail.