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Profuz Digital features Cloud and Hybrid Media Workflows at IBC 2023

The Complete Media Lifecycle Management with AI workflows – from Planning to Archiving, from News Gathering to Social Media Publishing, from Pre-Production to Localisation at Stand 8.A03

15 – 18 September 2023 – Stand 8.A03 – IBC – RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

For immediate release – 24 July 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria – Profuz Digital, the specialist systems integration developer behind bespoke software solutions SubtitleNEXT, NEXT-TT and Profuz LAPIS platforms, will underline how these latest technologies boost quality and efficiency for broadcasters, production and post production at IBC 2023 (Amsterdam RAI, 15-18 September, stand 8.A03). Demonstrations will highlight how creative professionals can seamlessly work anywhere by accessing tools they rely on.

New for IBC2023 in Profuz LAPIS

The ability to use media asset management system Profuz LAPIS is central to project management, distribution and archiving, and allows complex projects and processes to be reshuffled as required between media management and various editing environments that creative teams need to use at the time. Recently adopted by the Council of Europe, Profuz LAPIS provides a central, powerful dashboard from which to search, review, interact and process media and data which is held across a wide range of local, remote and cloud-based storage systems.

LAPIS allows connectivity through APIs and protocols to various data sources such as RSS, News Feeds, third party MAMs, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, plus others, and can be deployed on physical, virtual or cloud environments such as AWS. Adding such an efficient single and system-agnostic interface for both existing and future storage infrastructures and data sources, ensures an all-embracing comprehensive management approach of media and data, while maintaining user-interface consistency, which leads to improved accuracy and reduced user burden.

As Profuz LAPIS is an open, cloud-native system, that can scale instantly and connect to any other open technology, it makes it a practical platform to integrate with other existing systems and can be used as an advanced, dynamic content engine, providing archiving and database functionality within a company’s existing management business process infrastructure. Users of LAPIS can organise and find content instantly, using an intuitive filter structure tailored to the very specific requirements of this high-volume, high-pressure system. LAPIS includes extensive permissions architecture, involving workgroups, to ensure users see only assets relevant to them, and eliminates the risk of unapproved content being published within an organisation.

The LAPIS system can be used for every part of the workflow, from content ingest and storage to advanced media searches. It uses AI to further accelerate creative workflows and ensures that the user experience is always tuned to expectations, even at the very large scale involved. It streamlines workflows by automatically updating and reassessing assets, seamless integrating data into the content engine and avoiding manual processes.

The LAPIS system is a native web application, which means qualified users can interact with data and archives from any location. The open LAPIS software ensures companies can build future-proof workflow infrastructures that are capable of virtually unlimited expansion.

The latest enhancements in Profuz LAPIS across it’s MAM, News Management and Project Management modules for IBC2023 include upgraded AI capabilities for automatic speech-to-text and machine translation, advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, complex media assets, and audio and video chunks. Other features include storage capacity monitoring, the ability to publish content to social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, weekly and monthly program templates, channels’ time zone settings, subtitling and dubbing process management, news feed imports from external news agencies and much more. (Refer to a comprehensive list of new features here https://profuzlapis.com/downloads/)

New for IBC2023 in SubtitleNEXT

Designed to create real-time and prepared subtitling and captioning across all media formats, version 5.12 of Profuz Digital’s SubtitleNEXT introduces a range of enhancements to support text in all directions including vertical subtitle writing for East Asian languages.

Available in both desktop and cloud environments, SubtitleNEXT supports writing text in all directions (from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top) in all languages. It also introduces emphasis (boutens) and rubies which are used in Japanese and other East Asian languages. The new version enables import and export of subtitles with the above features in the traditionally used formats such as LambdaCap, as well as in TTML, WebVTT and SRT. Other new features include the ability to export subtitling error lists in CSV files and adds more error checks for teletext and closed captions.

SubtitleNEXT version 5.12 will be demonstrated at the Profuz Digital stand, together with other subtitling modules for broadcasters. These include the SubtitleNEXT Live Manager for live collaborative work; the SubtitleNEXT Central automation of subtitles – airing in multiple languages and formats; and the SubtitleNEXT DVB Muxer for multiplexing subtitles with video.

New for IBC2023 in NEXT-TT

SubtitleNEXT, when combined with business management system Profuz LAPIS, transforms into the powerful hybrid localisation platform NEXT-TT, giving operators the best of both worlds – to work on the desktop and Cloud environments. New features in SubtitleNEXT have been made available to all SubtitleNEXT users of both the desktop and SubtitleNEXT LAPIS versions, used in conjunction with the NEXT-TT hybrid platform. NEXT-TT also boasts a new “tree view” of projects, tasks and other folders, including advanced filtering upgrades and customised filters, enhanced layout, customised filters, quick searches and more.

Ivanka Vassileva, CEO of Profuz Digital confirms, “We are passionate about providing leading-edge resources for both freelancers and organisations of all sizes to help them navigate the complex mediascape, while armed with the best technology. Our goals are to continually refine AI capabilities in our media asset management system Profuz LAPIS by automatically transcribing recordings to provide full-text metadata, which will make searching ever more powerful. Our team is also looking at using AI in other ways across SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT, to give customers further control. SubtitleNEXT’s new version brings game-changing feature enhancements that further enriches the

user experience. IBC provides the perfect space to showcase these exciting advancements, and we look forward to welcoming people to our stand to show them how our software can benefit them, now and in the future.”

Several high-profile organisations have adopted SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT’s technology including many universities. Some of the organisations that are using Profuz Digital’s technology include Council of Europe, London’s Titles-On, EMG, Tarjama in the UAE, IT Pros Italy, Digitalmeister GmbH, Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH, Polsat, Kino Polska, Max Live Media Access, Biovisjon, Doli Media Studio, Cube Cinema Technologies, Tring TV, Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian National Radio, Canal Plus France and Myanmar, AMC, HD Media, KU Leuven University in Belgium, University of Rome Tor Vergata, University of Warsaw, University of Ghent, European School of Translation, Hellenic American College of Greece, the Complutense University of Madrid, and others.

See Profuz Digital on stand 8.A03 at IBC2023. For more information on Profuz Digital’s solutions, visit https://profuzdigital.com/ibc-2023-demo-request/ to get in touch or to book a meeting/demo.

For more information about IBC, go to www.ibc.org

Discover the power behind Profuz LAPIS here
Find out more about SubtitleNEXT at www.SubtitleNEXT.com;
Explore the NEXT-TT platform further at https://subtitlenext.com/product-line/platform/

About Profuz Digital
Profuz Digital develops and provides performance-leading solutions for customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment. Profuz Digital’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, along with committed teamwork. Creators of the advanced real-time and offline captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT and Profuz Digital’s digital asset workflow management platforms, Profuz LAPIS, designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof. The NEXT-TT system combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with Profuz LAPIS into an all-in-one powerful hybrid technology-base that provides media professionals with a versatile backbone for enhanced localization services. NEXT-TT can be customised to produce targeted management and efficient workflows. It manages subtitles, dubbing and localization services for media content including the coordination of teams of translators, subtitlers, AV professionals, creative freelancers, while providing users with powerful toolsets in a secure workspace environment.


Profuz Digital heads to IBC2022

Profuz Digital’s team attending IBC to gauge industry trends post-Covid

For immediate release – 18 August 2022, London, UK – Creators of the subtitling system SubtitleNEXT, Profuz Digital, confirms its teams attendance at IBC this year. Plans to meet up with industry professionals and reassess the current state of the industry, post-Covid are priority. IBC allows companies like Profuz Digital to reunite, engage with friends, and re-energise once again.
Profuz Digital is an established European technology developer and creates customised platforms that allow global firms to access projects at any given time, from anywhere, and facilitate collaboration.
At IBC, CEO and Managing partner of Profuz Digital Ivanka Vassileva will be available to meet potential partners and clients and share the latest innovations available in the Profuz Digital range of products – SubtitleNEXT, Profuz LAPIS, and NEXT-TT.
The highlight of the show is the IBC2022 Special Award which will reward those who came together via a LinkedIn Group called ‘Support for Ukrainian Media Professionals’. Initiated by Sonya Chakarova at PlayBox Neo and Daniella Weigner of Cinegy, with consultant Phillip Covell, the LinkedIn Group provides resources, solutions and hardware to Ukrainian TV channels and media outlets to ensure they can stay on air during the ongoing war and has evolved into an active technical hub.
IBC will celebrate this collaborative effort of over 400 broadcast, media companies and individuals enabling broadcasting in Ukraine during the conflict. The Innovation Awards winners will be announced and showcased at an online digital awards show on 5 September at 4pm BST, followed by IBC’s prestigious Innovation Awards Ceremony at The RAI in Amsterdam on Sunday, 11th September.
“We are so grateful to the SubtitleNEXT team for offering subtitling solutions across Europe, helping efforts to support displaced refugees with easy access to television programming.” Said Phillip Covell on behalf of the ‘Support for Ukrainian Media Professionals’ LinkedIn Group.
The Profuz Digital team has been providing subtitling services via its SubtitleNEXT platform across Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, and other countries that have taken in Ukrainian refugees. SubtitleNEXT is included in the list of industry companies, and initiatives acknowledged and given special mention by The Group, such as AVID, VIZRT Group, Octopus Newsroom, and others.
SubtitleNEXT is a popular and affordable timed-text platform that offers real-time and offline subtitling and captioning for all media formats.
Profuz LAPIS, one of Europe’s most advanced digital asset workflow management platforms, has already been adopted by the likes of Canal PLUS, Jornal do Centro, Council of Europe, Bulgarian National Radio, and many other organisations. It delivers highly adaptable, business-based future-proof efficiency and is proven technology that can be deployed on AWS or other cloud service providers as well as on-premises.
Profuz LAPIS is a discerning investment for companies requiring management process integration under one roof. Web-accessible, it powerfully executes total management of cloud and desktop technologies through browser functionality. It plays a central secure role, and controls the organisation’s processes seamlessly, from acquisition, classification, storage, search, post-production, to media content distribution. Data-files ranging from audio, videos, images, subtitles/captions, documents, news, projects, and more, are managed through its multi-platform content delivery capabilities that extensively synchronise the entire content production workflow and distribution chain.
Profuz LAPIS’ other key features include optional modules for commercials management; unlimited users with supported licensing file modes; plus various data-files irrespective of location managed from a single dashboard without local system storage transfer. Configurable consoles for various user levels with built-in workflow design and automation are included. Flexible software licensing ownership and subscriptions pricing options are available.
The NEXT-TT system combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with the integrated business management system Profuz LAPIS, into an all-in-one powerful hybrid technology-base that provides media professionals with a versatile backbone for enhanced localization services.
NEXT-TT can be customised to produce targeted management and efficient workflows. It manages subtitles, dubbing and localization services for media content including the coordination of teams of translators, subtitlers, AV professionals, creative freelancers, while providing users with powerful toolsets in a secure workspace environment.
Organisations that have embraced SubtitleNEXT and NEXT-TT’s technology include London’s Titles-On, EMG, many universities such as University of Ghent, Warsaw, Hellenic American College of Greece, European School of Translation, Complutense University of Madrid, Max Live, Biovisjon, IT Pros Subtitles, Doli Media Studio, Cube Cinema Technologies, Tring TV, Bulgarian National Television, Canal Plus Myanmar, AMC, HD Media, and others.
Profuz Digital proudly supports all its customers, most of which are already adopting cloud-based facilities capable of remote working capabilities, which has always been at the core of NEXT-TT’s strategy, long before the pandemic even arose. Profuz Digital’s aim is to best help companies manage security and complexity across projects, global offices, staff, and freelancers.
“It will be great to be back at IBC this year, especially, as we prepare to launch Profuz LAPIS, in the UK for the first time at London’s KitPlus Show. Being able to attend IBC beforehand, provides us with an exceptional platform from which to explore, expand options and be inspired with new ventures and European partnerships in the pipeline.” noted Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO of Profuz Digital and technical brainpower behind SubtitleNEXT, Profuz LAPIS and NEXT-TT technologies.
Profuz Digital’s CEO and Managing Partner Ivanka Vassileva added, “We are delighted to catch up with technology creatives in-person at IBC again and listen to current concerns people are facing. We’re eager to share the advantages our customised solutions bring individuals and organisations including our support for remote and in-house production pipelines and media localization workflows. We are honoured to support Ukrainian broadcasters helping refugees, and it is humbling to receive recognition, along with other companies from IBC’s Awards team. We look forward to seeing you there.”
To arrange a meeting with Profuz Digital at IBC, contact Ivanka Vassileva on +359 884 83 93 53, via mobile or WhatsApp, or by email at Ivanka@profuzdigital.com

Register to attend IBC at https://show.ibc.org/registration

For more information about LinkedIn Group “Support for Ukrainian Media Professionals” visit https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12630563/
Find out more about SubtitleNEXT at www.SubtitleNEXT.com;
Discover the power behind Profuz LAPIS here www.profuzlapis.com;
Explore the NEXT-TT platform further at https://subtitlenext.com/product-line/platform/