Profuz Digital unveils latest Subtitling and Localization innovations made ahead of Berlin’s Languages and The Media Conference

Profuz Digital’s Cloud-enabled, flexible workflows transform localization and AV

For immediate release – 27 October 2022, Berlin, Germany Profuz Digital, the technology leader that creates customizable solutions for language services providers, and media companies to operate at the forefront of ever-evolving digital environments, supports the Languages and The Media Conference again this year in Berlin (7– 9 November). Following the demand for localization services, the event provides Profuz Digital with an excellent platform to highlight its latest enhancements for translators and subtitlers.

The latest developments in the SubtitleNEXT, NEXT-TT and Profuz LAPIS product lines that will be unveiled at the Languages and The Media show for the first time, are aimed at simplifying the subtitler’s work experience by providing greater accessibility and secure protection across networks.

SubtitleNEXT is a sought-after timed-text platform that offers real-time and offline subtitling and captioning for all media formats, already adopted by the likes of EMG, Digitalmeister, Ghent University, Leinhauser Language Services, Noon Localization Services, Biovjsion, Substream including many other leading institutions, universities and colleges.

Headlines for the Languages & The Media conference include the release of SubtitleNEXT version 5.4.11 which includes real-time machine translation capabilities and support for Deep L, the world’s most accurate and nuanced machine translation. Deep L is widely used by translators and continues to set new standards with its advancements in neural network mathematics and methodology. Deep L recently launched new models that can more accurately convey the meaning of translated sentences and helping to overcome the challenge of industry-specific professional jargon. (

Furthermore, the new version of SubtitleNEXT can now integrate with the cutting-edge web-based live streaming platform Clevercast. Rated as the best streaming innovation of the year, Clevercast facilitates the delivery of multilingual live streaming to global audiences. Its live management dashboard allows users to broadcast, translate and stream live video with any number of audio languages and closed captions. (

In addition, the SubtitleNEXT “Enterprise” product line will be introduced to the Languages and The Media audience, with focus on subtitle transmission automation, including the latest SubtitleNEXT Central Server version which comes with a brand new SubtitleNEXT DVB Mixer.

SubtitleNEXT Central now supports the latest DVB TTML format used for broadcasting subtitle streams to online video platforms, in addition to the already available DVB Graphics and DVB Teletext in both SD and HD.

To boot, the Profuz Digital team will showcase the latest live Subtitle workflows for broadcasting real time captions and subtitles using the SubtitleNEXT “Live Manager” server.

The NEXT-TT platform by Profuz Digital provides an adaptable and multipurpose foundation for delivering enhanced localization services. NEXT-TT combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with Profuz LAPIS, into one powerful hybrid technology-base. Companies that have invested in NEXT-TT for their localization services include IT Pros Subtitles, London’s Titles On, Tarjama Language Services in Dubai, Linxstream and Bulgarian National Radio.

Profuz LAPIS is an integrated web-accessible digital workflow asset management system that powerfully executes total desktop and cloud-management through browser functionality. Profuz LAPIS is used by the likes of Canal PLUS, Council of Europe, Jornal do Centro and many other organisations.

New in the NEXT-TT platform to feature at Languages and The Media includes enhanced integration with SubtitleNEXT, as well as a new subtitle converter and subtitle versioning capabilities.

Profuz LAPIS’s capabilities within NEXT-TT are core to maintaining processes efficiently and securely within an organisation, irrespective of size. From seamless acquisition, classification, storage, search, post-production, to media content distribution, Profuz LAPIS powerfully manages all company activities and procedures in one centralized place. Data-files such as audio, videos, images, subtitles/captions, documents, news, projects, and many others, are managed through its multi-platform content delivery capabilities that synchronizes the entire content production workflow and distribution chain.

New advancements available in the Profuz LAPIS digital asset management software include support for multichannel audio streams, extended income and expenses commercial reports, improved integration with AppTek’s machine translation engine, integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services, automatic transcription and translation from audio and keyboard accessibility upgrades, further advancements in mobile phone usability plus much more.

In time for Languages and The Media, we have developed multiple new features and advancements within Profuz LAPIS’s management layer, giving customers the option of controlled guest user access (without registration) to the web platform. These changes bring greater efficiency, security and convenience to individuals and organisations, which we look forward to sharing at the upcoming event.” CTO of Profuz Digital Kamen Ferdinandov confirms.

Ivanka Vassileva, CEO and Managing Partner of Profuz Digital and PBT EU comments, “The Languages and The Media is Europe’s leading conference on language transfer in AV media, and a dynamic industry hub for exchanging ideas. We have participated for a few years running and really look forward to meeting people face-to-face again. We are passionate about making media accessible for everyone, and have already embraced these challenges ahead of time, reflected in the capabilities we’ve developed within our suite of products. SubtitleNEXT, NEXT-TT and Profuz LAPIS are designed to deliver viable solutions to the people we speak to, by simplifying and solving complex and everyday challenges that industry media professionals encounter.”

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About Profuz Digital
Profuz Digital develops and provides performance-leading solutions for customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment. Profuz Digital’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, along with committed teamwork.

Creators of the advanced real-time and offline captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT and Profuz Digital’s digital asset workflow management platforms, Profuz LAPIS, designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof. Proven technology already adopted by the likes of Canal PLUS, Jornal do Centro, Council of Europe, Bulgarian National Radio and many other organisations.

The NEXT-TT system combines SubtitleNEXT’s functionalities with Profuz LAPIS into an all-in-one powerful hybrid technology-base that provides media professionals with a versatile backbone for enhanced localization services. NEXT-TT can be customised to produce targeted management and efficient workflows. It manages subtitles, dubbing and localization services for media content including the coordination of teams of translators, subtitlers, AV professionals, creative freelancers, while providing users with powerful toolsets in a secure workspace environment.

Some of the many organisations, that have already adopted Profuz Digital’s technology include Titles-On, EMG, Digitalmeister GmbH, Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH, Polsat, Kino Polska, University of Rome Tor Vergata, the University of Warsaw, University of Ghent, European School of Translation, Max Live Media Access, Biovisjon, IT Pros Subtitles, Doli Media Studio, Cube Cinema Technologies, Tring TV, Bulgarian National Television, Canal Plus Myanmar, AMC, HD Media, Hellenic American College of Greece, European School of Translation, the Complutense University of Madrid, and many others.

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