System which adapts to the business instead of vice versa

Profuz LAPIS is a Business Process and Information Management System. Its purpose is to bring under one roof all Processes and Data with which an organization operates.

Profuz LAPIS provides a central way and environment through which to control Management, Structure, Usage, Storage, and Security of various Data and Processes, and maintain Relationships with data and processes that come from and remain in different systems.

Workflow management

Design, Build, Run flexible business processes – user-defined workflows, internal and external operations can be used. Monitoring and statistics can be used to trigger actions.

Intelligent search mechanism

Parallel search in all connected internal and external systems with live/real-time result updates and live collaboration for search sessions.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions! Turn data into insights across all aspects of your business – identify new opportunities and implement effective strategies!

Live Collaboration

Every element in the System can be edited, reviewed, discussed, approved, shared or otherwise managed collaboratively through the Live Collaboration feature.

Document management

Secure document storage, online multi-user editing and custom document workflows are just a few of the advantages.

Content management

Video, audio, image files supported. Upload a file or ingest it directly from external system

Tasks and projects

From ToDos and simple tasks to complex project management

User/Group management

Powerful and flexible user and group management. Multiple internal and external authentication and authorization systems (single sign-on).

Web access

Access the system directly from your browser: Chrome, FireFox, IE9+, Opera, Mobile (Android, iOS)

Customer Relationship Management

Organize and track interaction with potential or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts

Inventory management

Controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring adequate supplies, increasing warehouse productivity

Resource Planning and management

All the tools to manage your business – financial management, supply management, manufacturing, operations


Access email directly from your LAPIS account

Internal secure real time communication

Chat, audio, video, comments. Group chat, video conferencing and more.

Activity Stream

Unified live update feed where all the changes and new additions in the system can be seen


LAPIS was built with the idea to be able to adapt to any complex business structure. Connect all the dots your business interacts with – multi company, outsourcing, partners, suppliers…


Create custom modules or extend an existing one. Complete freedom to configure the system to adapt to your business specifics.