Award-winning Doli Media Studio embraces Profuz LAPIS and SubtitleNEXT solution ramping up security and efficiency levels

Doli Media Studio turns to Profuz Digital to transform the way they work by bringing processes into a single environment

Established audio post-production specialists Doli Media Studio have installed Profuz LAPIS with SubtitleNEXT and EXEcutor Sync Master to power its creative sound production workflow across their newly refurbished and upgraded facilities. SubtitleNEXT is an advanced captioning and subtitling software platform and ProfuzLAPIS is a powerful business process and information management system designed to efficiently centralize processes and data under one roof. The solutions currently being tested in a real environment, will provide Doli Media with an additional layer of security, transparency, and automation across the studio network as the company continues to grow.

Dolby Atmos Mixing and Colour Grading Stage

Dolby Atmos Mixing and Colour Grading Stage

Doli Media Studio has been specializing in bespoke music composition, voice-over recording, dubbing, creative sound design and mixing since 1992. The company was recently presented with an innovation award in November by Bulgaria’s president. Over the years sound engineers and producers have created audio for hundreds of radio, television, and cinema commercial and also produced soundtracks and recorded voices for movies, radio programmes and much more. The expansive premises include numerous sound stages, spacious dubbing and music suites including a state of the art Dolby Atmos Mixing Studio, 19 subtitling workstations, video editing and TV and cinema grading suites. The location also boasts an inviting garden and restaurant as well where clients are made to feel comfortable and welcome.

Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO and Co-founder at Profuz Digital states, “Our solution is designed to support Doli Media from the acquisition of the content phase right through the entire work cycle and provide additional layer of security. Profuz LAPIS, which is a web based system, automatically prepares, ingests, converts, encrypts and watermarks materials used by employees, freelancers and contractors for localization, translation, editing, dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and so forth.” He adds, “Literally, everything related to data processing now conveniently falls under one roof – bringing content management, project and task management, user permissions and access rights, business process management, invoicing and reporting all together into a single environment to make life so much easier for Doli Media so they have more time to concentrate on their creativity and customers.”

Lyubomir Chochov, Operations Manager at Doli Media Studio says, “We have a great relationship with Profuz Digital and respect their expertise and level of commitment. They understand how crucial security is for our clients. Profuz Digital designed its system with advantages to ensure processes have increased visibility and transparency. It’s common for localization studios to work with freelancers and part time contractors. So now with this set up, we only have to arrange temporary access for converted, encrypted, watermarked videos and only for the time when the task is being worked on, giving us additional protection.” Adding, “The design and philosophy behind Profuz Digital’s software and implementation model gives us the freedom and flexibility needed for the dynamic of our business. They are easy to install and save us time and money. They are also easily integrated with professional audio tools through LTC or MIDI TC and there’s no need for us to have to download and transcode web or DRM protected videos. We are proud of how we adopt the latest technology and very excited how Profuz Digital is transforming the way we work to be even more efficient.”

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