NEXT-TT is a software platform for managing timed-text, dubbing and localization services of any type of content, or managing teams of translators, audiovisual professionals, and creative freelancers, providing an ultra-secure and super-fast private workspace, tools, and workflows for ensuring quality.

NEXT-TT is a powerful binary solution bounding together enterprise trends with common user’s convenience.


Accesses both local and online resources. You can successfully operate with HBO applications, Netflix, etc.

Integrates better with NEXT-TT resulting in full automation which is easier in case of managing numerous tasks

Links directly to any servers like YouTube and you need just a sign-in to enter the relevant platform

Uses video directly from LAPIS, no need to download anything


NEXT-TT is a hybrid platform operating both with web and desktop data. The Platform overcomes the limitations of the programs using only local or only online resources. It saves user’s time and avoids the inconvenience of switching numerous applications to access various information.

NEXT-TT can operate on the web and locally. It can access online resources instead of uploading/downloading them first.stomized keyboard shortcuts


Makes it possible to organize all tasks and working operations

Notifies users about new tasks or anything related to their preferences

Has the possibility to incorporate external subtitling programs and systems within its own structure yet still keeping SubtitleNEXT as most fit, reliable and integrated toolset available

Standout Features

  • The hybrid combines the advantages of cloud and desktop. Software can be installed in-house or in the cloud
  • The flexible solution can suit any organization scaling up or down without losing past information. Automated and manual content acquisition through multiple protocols, sources and locations
  • Multiple storages managed under one roof: in-house, private, shared, cloud storages are supported at the same time
  • Various mechanisms for protection of the video materials: encryption with a prohibited download, watermarking of the downloadable content, user rights
  • Project management with possibility for live collaboration and team/staff management for optimal resource yield
  • Built-in document management—support of not only subtitling files but also other types of documents. Extended and dynamic resource management
  • Dubbing of protected materials through integration with professional DAW like Pro Tools, Sony Vegas Pro, etc.
  • Sales, finance and production processes under one roof plus various statistics with live update

For all professionals who value working speed and software flexibility, we created a unique hybrid platform combining LAPIS (Limitless Advanced Powerful and Intelligent System) + SubtitleNEXT (the Ultimate Timed Text Service). The exclusive hybrid approach is designed to give users greater freedom of choice in how they work with desktop or cloud applications. There is also a possibility to use the two platforms, SubtitleNEXT and LAPIS separately.

Merging the Cloud and Desktop Applications

Cloud-like with fast and easy web access, security, and remote control of timed-text generation
Desktop-like in terms of local security and direct access to resources from various online and offline sources

Win-Win Solutions for Companies and Freelancers / Employees
Companies have the level of security and manageability within a regular cloud platform, but can also offer a working environment to their freelancers

Flexibility and Independence
Switch to a single application for various formats, content, and workflow management systems. It also extends the users system with already available tools not present in cloud technology

How We Accomplish This

NEXT-TT is a future-proof two-layers solution which can help enterprises, collaborators or single users to organize their work easily and efficiently

NEXT-TT incorporates two successful platforms

NEXT-TT distributes the available licenses of SubtitleNEXT on a temporarily based principle allowing optimal utilization of the prepaid licenses by all involved collaborators. A user can choose to perform through LAPIS or SubtitleNEXT separately or use both


When SubtitleNEXT system is ready it can calculate the fee depending on the fixed parameters


You can prepare different templates for any needed task and save your time in future


Now you can save money for shipping documents, printing, optimize the manual work and yes, even help the planet


The platform performs easily all repetitive actions during your work process, thus eliminating the human mistakes


Alike a powerful FTP server, NEXT-TT helps you manage unlimited number of orders, tasks, documentation, resources (ex. people, studio, devices)


To ensure the best security of your data, we’ve incorporated several levels of protection of the material.

The technology used for encryption (Proprietary Digital Rights Management) enables a user to choose the needed level and operates totally safely.