Challenges M&E companies face today – Part I

Why I started Profuz LAPIS?

by CTO and Co-founder Kamen Ferdinandov

The Profuz LAPIS platform I created has been used to build web-based modern and scalable all-in-one solutions for companies such as Canal+ Myanmar FG, Doli Media Studios and recently the Jornal do Centro media group in Portugal. Adopting Profuz LAPIS’ capabilities has helped these corporations centralize their processes significantly.

These examples, and there are more in the pipeline, are a testament of the trust placed in Profuz LAPIS’s powerful business asset management to deliver results that help media professionals achieve greater creativity and productivity within their entire organizations.

Over the 30 years of working in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, I came across so many clients in need of a business management system that could fulfill all of their organizational needs.

The M&E sector today is a vast landscape and encompasses television and radio broadcasters, film studios, production and post-production facilities, through to publishing organizations, new era media and much more.

I discovered that most companies in the M&E sector want a solution that is user-friendly but without the steep learning curve. Company owners are on the lookout for technology that is versatile and fast, as well as easy to implement. Platforms that are customized to customer’s specific requirements and that can adapt to existing workflows, help create more efficiency resulting in long-term cost savings.

I used all this valuable feedback over the years to form what is now been recognized as a compelling solution designed to support businesses perform more cost-effectively and resourcefully. I was inspired from the start to make a system that could be specialized to meet individual client needs. It was important to me from the outset that the applications that I created had to be able to adapt to an organization’s own unique business model, instead of the organization having to adapt to the technology.

The aim in our venture with LAPIS at Profuz Digital is to also appeal to smaller entities and provide them with the benefits that an advanced enterprise-level system can deliver – which is pretty much everything!

Some of the advantages that Profuz LAPIS brings to smaller companies, self-employed franchises and freelancers throughout the system’s entire life cycle, includes the reduction of critical resources such as time, training, support and maintenance. These bring huge benefits to smaller companies that can now be enjoyed alongside the larger firms.

There is a need for affordable media asset management in every organization – even in the smallest companies which previously couldn’t see its benefits. Start-ups and entrepreneurs starting a new business have to watch the purse strings closely and tend to look for modern and cheap solutions that might not suit their long-term needs and miss out on what Profuz LAPIS could do for them. Existing firms have different approaches ranging from not doing anything new; or trying to add something new on top of an existing process; or trying to replace and virtually upgrade everything with new technology. This is where Profuz LAPIS can step in to solve all their issues in one powerful affordable flexible system.

Next week, in Part 2, I will take you on a journey on how to manage the shifting media landscapes driven by technology.